New Pool Cleaners for 2015

With snow piling up here in the east it is difficult to think about pools or pool equipment; however pool equipment manufacturers have been busy. Below are some notes on new innovative products Great Blue Pool Supply saw at The Pool and Spa Show in Atlantic City last month.


Hayward is introducing a new product line into the US market this year; the AquaVac 500 series.  This series consists of three cleaners: the #RC3431CU (basic unit) is offered without a caddy, the #RC3431CUY is the same unit offered with the caddy and the #500C is for small to medium commercial pools up to 40K gallons. These ground-breaking cleaners incorporate an easy to use top loading, large capacity filter basket and an all-important cable swivel.  Hayward has also integrated a handle into the body of the cleaner so it can be easy removed from the pool.  This caddy is the best looking I have seen on the market. The only possible drawback we see to this cleaner is its lack of a remote control.

Originally slated for 2014 in the US, this new line was first introduced into the European and Canadian markets during 2013. Considering this cleaner is manufactured in Clemmons, NC, I find it a bit unusual to initially ship a non-field tested product abroad as opposed to keeping it close to home in the event that any major refitting that might need to be done. One could speculate that this move was more a “red tape” issue than that of a marketing strategy.  As we know, Hayward has needed a fresh product to update their King Shark and Shark Vac lines in order to compete with Zodiac’s 9300 series.


Many of us understand that brushing the pool surfaces is an effective, if not essential, component in keeping a pool clean. Maytronics understands this and has addressed the issue remarkably well with its release of a new line of four cleaners. This new line is called the A Series, for “Active” brushing.  The entire line features brushes that rotate at twice the speed of the wheels, making the brushing action very thorough.  The line includes the Active 10, the first unit designed for above ground pools from this manufacturer. For in-ground cleaning solutions, they have introduced the Active 20, Active 30 and the most advanced, Active 30i. In addition to the active brushing feature, the A Series also has a very simple to use, top accessing filter basket with an additional fine basket insert. The additional basket is available for all, but standard on the higher end units. Lastly, both the Active 30 and Active 30i employ a smart phone remote feature via an app download. Both light in weight and fitted with an integral handle, a cart is also available to round out the offering.

Not only has Maytronics released an entire new product line residentially, but they have updated some of their commercial units as well. The C3 has been upgraded to dual motor drive with a remote control and the C4 has been upgraded to include a gyro system for enhanced efficiency.


The representative from Pentair mentioned that their current robotic cleaner offerings have not changed for the 2015 pool season, however only two are listed on their website: The Prowler 820 and 830.  Both of these units are supplied by Maytronics.


Zodiac mentioned only minor, unspecified tweaks to their current, very popular and innovative 9300 series cleaners. If we get any more info we will post it here. If you are a consumer interested in one of these products, we would recommend purchasing the newer version as these upgrades will reflect a fine tuning of the design and will most likely enhance performance, longevity, or both. One of the major drawbacks of this product is the lack of a cable swivel.

In just a few short weeks pool season will be here and I hope this gets you thinking about your pool and pool cleaner. Now is a good time to search for a new cleaner when they are still available or to get your current cleaner serviced before your pool is opened.  Give Great Blue Pool Supply a call (973-896-1069) for a quote on a new cleaner or drop off your current cleaner for a tune up!

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