Looking for a new residential pool cleaner?

So for those of us living in the mid-Atlantic region, we are getting a touch of warmer weather with hints of summer around the corner.  Memorial Day weekend is usually our big weekend for the first dip in our pools.  Yards have been groomed, patios have been cleaned and furniture brought out of storage, and the swimming pool has been uncovered and cleaned.  After all that hard work, whether you have done it yourself or had a company “open” your pool for you, you realize that your robotic pool cleaner doesn’t start or doesn’t move up the walls, or pick up the debris on the bottom of the pool.

Now what do you do? What kind of cleaner do I buy or can I just get it fixed?

At Great Blue Pool, we can offer a detailed diagnosis of your cleaner’s problem as well as offer a repair estimate.  If you decide that this is more economical to replace it, we can offer some suggestions and quotations on a new cleaner.

2014 Residential Pool Cleaner Specification Chart
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We have also created a Key for the chart to better explain the information that is given and why it may be important to you.  See below.
Key for 2014 Residential Specification Chart

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or just place an order online.

Happy Swimming!