To Swivel or Not to Swivel…


For at least a decade, the in-line cord swivel has been a staple on Maytronics cleaners. In fact, this feature is so important that I usually recommend a swivel over a remote control when recommending new cleaners. Playing catch up the competition has also recognized the importance of this feature and two companies (Hayward & Aquabot) have announced the inclusion of swivels on some of their cleaners just this year!

The swivel is an essential component, because it acts as a safety mechanism to protect the cable from damage caused by twisting. In the worst case scenario, a robotic pool cleaner consistently makes turns in one direction until it twists the cord into a knot.

One might ask: How can a cleaner’s power cord get so tangled?

  • The lack of a mapping or scanning program;
  • Broken or worn drive belts or tracks;
  • Worn brushes;
  • Faulty drive motors; or
  • Cleaner handles are not reversed as recommended.

Trauma to the cable can be compounded if this cleaner is on a weekly program where a series of cleaning cycles have been scheduled and the problem is not immediately identified. In some severe cases, the cord is so tangled that the internal wires are broken requiring replacement. Repairs can be costly. Cables can cost up to $800.00 for the part alone, not including installation charges.

So, why after all these years has Maytronics removed the swivel from the design of their new Active line of cleaners? The answer is simply that with their new generation of tracking and mapping programs the cleaner doesn’t twist the cable and the swivel is no longer needed. So when shopping for a new cleaner make sure it has a swivel or is advanced enough not to need one like the Maytronics Active series!

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