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The Weda B600 has been the flag ship in the Weda range of cleaners since 1981. It has over the years been upgraded with new electronics and material to meet the demands in the changing pool market with various sizes and shapes of pools. It has been the selected cleaner in several Olympic games.

The Weda B600 automatic pool cleaner enables swimming pools to be cleaned with speed and efficiency.

For larger commercial and 50m Olympic pools, both indoors and outdoors.



As it celebrates its 30th anniversary, the Weda B600 automatic pool cleaner still has the most powerful pump available on the market (72m³/hr).

This powerful pump sucks up all the dirt into the filter bags that the rotating brushes have removed from the bottom of the pool.

This powerful suction also makes it possible to operate the machine on vertical walls. A feat that must be seen to be believed.

Alternatively, the B600 can be equipped with a discharge hose for direct connection to a separate filter system.

The B600 standard umbilical cable length is 40 metres to enable cleaning pools of 50 metres plus.

The unit has two speeds (0.2m/s and 0.4m/s) set at the hand held controller, a suction width of 600mm and features a wireless radio remote control and timer allowing manual and/or unattended cleaning.

Available for use with 3 phase 415v 50Hz AC power supply only, with an operating voltage of 42v for maximum safety.

The B600 is delivered with a trolley with a built-in safety transformer that supplies safe 42 V to the cleaner. The B600 remains one of the largest and most efficient cleaner on the pool market. An excellent cleaner for the tough cleaning jobs. The strong suction enables the B600 also to be used for wall cleaning. The weight of the B600 is only 7 kilograms under water and in most pools the cleaner can be driven out of the pool and onto the trolley.

It can be used in fully automatic mode and/or controlled by remote control when required. The base of the cleaner is the very powerful pump in combination with the rotating brushes. After all it is the cleaning capacity that is the most important factor.

Standard Equipment

  • Trolley with built-in safety transformer
  • Double filterbags 120 micron
  • Double protection bags
  • Double rotating brushes
  • Power supply cable, 10 meters
  • Cable for remote control, 25 meters
  • Umbilical (floating cable), 40 meters

Additional information

Optional Equipment/Accessories

Radio remote control / Timer; Filter bags 70 or 200 micron; Discharge hose connection 2”; Discharge hose 2 ” 50 meters; Fixed spring loaded brush (algae brush); Free stream impeller; Flexible bumper bar for continuous operation; Umbilical (floating cable) 41 to 60 meters.


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